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Family Eye Care & Medical Glaucoma

The St. Clair Eye Clinic is a family eye care and medical glaucoma clinic run by
Dr. Neel Vyas and his dedicated team of eye health care professionals.

Family Eye Care

Glaucoma Treatment

Offering comprehensive eye health and vision care services to people of all ages, The St. Clair Eye Clinic is the optimal choice for eye exams, glaucoma evaluation and treatment, co-management for laser surgeries, glasses, frame styling and complete contact lens services.

Experience the benefits of the latest technology for eye exams, eye care and treatment. Dr. Vyas and his team maintain and demonstrate the highest standards of technical skills and are equipped with only the latest advances in eye care technology.

Come to The St. Clair Eye Clinic for the comprehensive eye health and vision care services, the latest advances in eye care technology and exceptional customer service from the gracious staff and enjoy the family-friendly environment, the stylish and fashionable collections of eyewear and the unique art gallery space during your visit too.

For Glaucoma Patients

Ask these 5 IMPORTANT questions before starting Glaucoma treatments.

  • Is your glaucoma progressing and have you been shown the details of this?
  • Are your eyes irritated by your glaucoma medications?
  • Do you have access to care tomorrow if you feel you are worried about your eye health?

  • Can you book appointments that fit your schedule?
  • Is your glaucoma doctor using the most advanced latest technology?


About Dr. Neel Vyas


Dr Neel Vyas finished his Bachelor of Science at the University of Waterloo. From there he studied Optometry at Indiana University and graduated in 1998.

The goal is for the St Clair Eye Clinic to continue to be one of the top medical eye clinics in the city of Toronto. The office has relationships with the finest eye surgeons in the GTA and can obtain quick referrals.

For 20 years starting in 1995, Dr Vyas went to Guanajuato, Mexico and was involved in an eye care center that provided care to 100,000 patients in an impoverished population. Since then, he was in Kenya doing the same work in August 2016 and is setting up a charity to continue this work for another 20 years.

Dr Vyas is married and devoted to his 2 daughters.

Volunteer Work – Mexico & Kenya



Every year for the last 20 years, Dr. Vyas has joined a group of volunteer doctors visiting Guanajuato, Mexico to provide eye care to thousands of patients.


This volunteer effort reached a milestone in 2013, with a notable 100,000 patients having received care through this volunteer work.


This eye care volunteer work is continuing in Mexico, despite recent funding cuts, with the goal to see the next 100,000 patients over the next couple of decades.

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